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Tailoring the Performance of Graphene Aerogels for Oil/Organic Solvent Separation by 1-Step Solvothermal Approach

Ultra-light eco-friendly graphene oxide (GO)-based aerogels are reported by simple one-step solvothermal self-assembly. The effect of varying parameters such as C/O ratio of GO; reducing agent amount; temperature; and duration on the properties of the aerogels was studied. The structural and vibrational features and hydrophobic surface properties of the obtained aerogels were obtained by XRD; FTIR; XPS; Raman; SEM; and contact angle measurements. The effect of synthesis conditions on the engine oil and organic solvent absorption properties was assessed. The results indicated that the lower the C/O ratio of GO, the better the absorption properties, with the best performance for oil uptake reaching 86 g g−1. The obtained results indicate the approach based on ice-templating and the tailoring of oxygen content in GO make the resulting aerogels potential candidates for use in oil spill and organic solvent treatments.


Fecha Publicación: 26/07/2019

Autor: Alina Pruna; Alfonso C. Cárcel; Arturo Barjola; Benedito-Borras, A. (AIMPLAS); Enrique Giménez

Referencia: Nanomaterials 2019, 9(8), 1077;


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