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Effect of synthesis conditions on CO2 capture of ethylenediamine-modified graphene aerogels.

Ethylenediamine-modified graphene oxide-based three-dimensional aerogels were fabricated by one-step hydrothermal technique. The influence of oxidation conditions and starting graphite material was studied by elemental analysis, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and Scanning electron microscopy. The CO2 adsorption properties of modified aerogels were tested. The results show the distribution of oxygen groups and type of GO altered by oxidation conditions and graphite nature induce a different N doping configuration in the modified aerogel and a higher surface utilization factor for the CO2 capture. The GO-based aerogel obtained from expanded graphite exhibited the best performance (2-fold the un-modified one), reaching a value of 1.18?mmol?g−1 at 1?bar and 298?K, thus indicating the high potential of the present approach towards enhancing the CO2 capture.

Fecha Publicación: 10/05/2019

Autor: A.Pruna; A.C.Cárcel; Benedito-Borrás, A. (AIMPLAS); E.Giménez

Referencia: Applied Surface Science 2019

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