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Sustainable alternatives to replace the plastic films used to interleave the fish on freezer vessels

We are looking for start-ups or companies with which to establish collaborations to test their technology to solve fishing sector’s challenges while allowing technological companies to open up to a large market.


Fishing industry currently use large amounts of plastic (LDPE) for different offshore operations (i.e. interleaving, plastic bags for fish/squid blocks, etc.). Once their function is done, a lot of plastic waste is generated.


The basic characteristics of the alternative laminated material (in direct contact with the frozen food) would be:

  • Present water barrier properties to prevent dehydration/oxidation of the frozen fish
  • Avoid migration of elements to the food
  • Prevent the fish from sticking to each other during the storage and not get stuck to the fish itself.
  • Be freeze-resistant (-40°C) and not degrade with moisture during use (up to two years)  
  • Simple management at the end of use and without impact on the environment.


We would be grateful if you could contact us if you believe that your product can meet these requirements or if it might be adapted to our case. Should you need more details, please, let us know and we will be more than glad to arrange a call or Skype meeting to answer any queries you might have.

Contact: Uxía Vázquez <> Tlf 986220999


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Referencia: INXENIA201905

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