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AIMPLAS’ Project to Develop Recyclable Packaging Shows Promising Results

BIOnTop project lead by AIMPLAS, whose objective is to develop new, competitive, low-cost, recyclable packaging solutions designed to be mechanically recycled, compostable either industrially or at home, or suitable for anaerobic digestion shows promising result.

Proceedings of the First Year

In the first year of the project’s four-year development period, the project partners started experimental work on copolymers and compounds with customized biodegradability and multifunctional coating solutions with customized properties.

Although these tasks are currently ongoing, the first trials have shown promising results.
Another task performed in this first year was defining the specifications for PLA-based products with customized end of life and properties. Two technical deliverables and one scientific paper have been published with these initial project results.

The first deliverable is an extensive review of the state of the art, including scientific papers, patents and commercial information on biodegradable household packaging and textiles.

The second deliverable consists of a compilation of information on commercial biopolymers, additives and monomers, including suppliers and prices, in order to select the source materials to be used to start working with the laboratory scale-up formulation in upcoming project activities.

Consortium and Funding
The project has been funded through the “Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking” within the EU Research and Innovation program Horizon 2020 under grant agreement 837761, in which 20 partners and AIMPLAS are taking part.

Fecha Publicación: 31/07/2020

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