AIMPLAS to collect over 300 kg of marine litter in Spain

AIMPLAS is coordinating a new project in the framework of the programme Pleamar of Fundación Biodiversidad (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Foodstuffs and Environment), called REPESCA_PLAS with the aim of collecting more than 300 kg of marine litter over several months in the ports of Gandia and Vigo.


The project was launched on 1st January 2018.

The collection process has been planned by Fundación Global Nature, while AIMPLAS, the Asociación Vertidos Cero and the University of Vigo will analyse the litter collected for its subsequent valorisation in new applications.

AIMPLAS, the Asociación Vertido Cero and the University of Vigo will be responsible for characterising the marine litter collected to define both the types of waste and their nature and eco-toxicity. The data will be used to assess the effect of plastics in the reproduction of marine species and provided to MAPAMA’s official monitoring programme of marine litter.

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