New R&D Facility for Bioplastics & Nanomaterials Development: AIMPLAS

AIMPLAS has inaugurated its new R&D building where new bioplastics, nanomaterials and materials with advanced properties will be developed. These new facilities have a surface of more than 1,000 m2. AIMPLAS has already 9,500 m2 dedicated to R&D.

New Facility for R&D Projects
With a staff of 123 employees, the technology center developed a total of 127 R&D projects last year, where 308 companies took part, having a return of more than 16.8 EUR million.

The center will provide innovation in different sectors like:
R&D building for bioplastics development

  • Packaging
  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction 
  • Electrical-Electronic 
  • Medicine Sectors

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, inaugurated on 23 March its new R&D building in an act attended by more than 150 people and Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian regional government and other authorities from the innovation and industry fields.

These new facilities have a surface of more than 1,000 m2, added to the 8,500 m2 that the technology center already had and distributed in six other buildings. The new plant was built in the place where there was an office area and premises, where plastic products and equipment for industrial trials used to be stored, what suffered a fire in May 2015.

Meeting the Needs of Innovation
José Antonio Costa, managing director of AIMPLAS, told in his speech: “the new building includes our compounding pilot plants and it will enable us to reinforce our activity in fields such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, 3D printing or active packages by developing plastic compounds with properties such as electrical conductivity, fire resistance, anti-bacterial action or high barrier”, told Costa.
Minimizing Impact on Environment

The new facilities were built taking into account the most demanding measurements to preserve the security of researchers working there, as well as to minimize the impact of its activity in the environment.

On the other hand, José Luis Yusá, president of AIMPLAS, has highlighted how the new building is the result of the need, but also of “enthusiasm and teamwork and this will allow to increase the number of R&D projects that we perform annually and, as a result, to increase the transference of knowledge towards companies”.

The president of the Valencian regional government acknowledged in his speech the difficulties that companies and entrepreneurs must overcome and he said that “the most important thing is to fall and rise again restarting a project just like AIMPLAS has done. These are the values that the Autonomous Community of Valencia must have”. “There are no short cuts towards prosperity, the main point is the product and it is associated to innovation”, he said.

In the framework of this opening, AIMPLAS also organized a demonstrative event of its new facilities, where more than 130 individualized assessments were performed by professionals of the center, where the attendees knew first-hand the technological capacities of the center in compounding, composites, recycling, injection and extrusion.

AIMPLAS in 2016
With a staff of 123 employees, AIMPLAS developed during the last year a total of 127 projects where 308 companies took part, obtaining a return of more than 16.8 million euros.

Regarding training, 157 training actions were performed with a total of 4,200 hours, where 2,363 professionals from 930 companies participated. Besides, AIMPLAS organized the first edition of the seminar on advanced materials Plastics are Future, the first forum on plastics and legislation OK PLAST and the third edition of the conference on Sustainability and Recovery in collaboration with Cicloplast, among others.


AIMPLAS is a non-profit research association with the objective of operating as a technological partner for enterprises from the plastics industry and thus offering them integral and customized solutions by coordinating research, development and innovation projects as well as technological services (analysis and testing, technical assistance, training as well as competitive and strategic intelligence).

Fecha Publicación: 12/04/2017

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