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La cadena de valor de la Industria del Plástico está formada por todas aquellas empresas y agentes que influyen en la fabricación de la gran variedad de productos y subproductos a partir de las distintas materias primas plásticas. Ver Más

Valor Var 10/09
Número empresas 5.000 empresas
Valor producción +15.000 mill € 11%
Valor exportaciones 7.538 mill € 30%
Valor importaciones 7.867 mill € 13%

Informe Anual de la Industria del Plástico 2010 (IAIP-2010)

Análisis cuantitativo y cualitativo de la Industria del Plástico, estructurado según el sector de actividad a partir de los datos de las empresas panelistas del OMP
 - 175 EUR + IVA (33% dto. empresas asociadas)
 - Gratis empresas panelistas 

Informe Semestral de Coyuntura 2011-01. Industria del Plástico.

Análisis coyuntural de la situación y previsión de las principales variables comerciales y de producción de las empresas pertenecientes a la Industria del Plástico. En este informe se unifican los datos de cada uno de los sectores que forman la cadena de valor de la Industria del Plástico, incluyendo un estudio de los índices de producción de los principales sectores de demanda.
 - GRATIS Empresas panelistas

Flash Económico de la Industria del Plástico. Noviembre 2011.

Flash sobre índices económicos relacionados con la industria del plástico.

Fiber-reinforced polymers are used to strengthen concrete, wood and steel structures above and below ground as well as under water. Two proposed new ASTM International standards will provide an approach to quality control inspection and reporting for fiber-reinforced polymers in all industries.

The proposed new standards are: ASTM WK46050, Guide for the Inspection of Bond Critical FRP Applications for Concrete Structures in Power... [Leer más]
Germany-based chemical giant, BASF, has announced a 1% growth in sales for the second quarter of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013, reporting sales of €18.5bn.   “This was largely the result of higher sales volumes in our chemicals business, which comprises the Chemicals, Performance Products and Functional Materials & Solutions segments, as well as in the Oil & Gas segment,” said Dr. Kurt Bock, chairman... [Leer más]
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BRADFORD, Pa. (AP) -- A northwestern Pennsylvania cutlery firm is celebrating its 125th anniversary, along with $10 million in renovations to its plant.

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. was formed by four brothers in 1889 in upstate New York. The... [Leer más]

Players in the Italian market expect to see rollovers on PVC prices in August, as per ChemOrbis, in accordance with expectations that the monthly ethylene contract will settle lower as well as predictions that demand will be limited due to the summer holidays. According to data from ChemOrbis Price Index, PVC k67 prices on an FD Italy basis have been following a mostly firm trend since touching a year to date low towards the end of April.
A... [Leer más]