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Unsinkable multipurpose plastic boat production line

Croatian boat builder offers complete technology for manufacturing unsinkable fibre reinforced polyester powerboats. Distinctive design of V shaped hull together with configuration of multiple buoyancy chambers makes it stable and fast even in rough water. It's also economical, easy to operate and control, provides soft and dry ride, with high loading capacity and high temperature and osmosis resistance. Boat builder seeks partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Croatian boat builder offers complete solution for manufacturing unsinkable fibre reinforced polyester boats in several sizes.

Distinctive design of deep V shaped hull allows the boat to be fast with low power and economical, while specifically designed port and starboard buoyancy chambers provide improved steering. Boat hull is constructed to deflect the bow wave towards the stern creating downward water jets on sides, faster it goes jets are stronger thus adding thrust and improving stability.

Boat is made of two separate longitudinal buoyancy chambers bonded together at half the height of the boat and internally subdivided making it unsinkable even if it is ruptured on numerous places. Board and starboard buoyancy chambers are wide and octagonal in shape extending behind the transom to act as trim tabs for improved control of the boat. Handling with boat and cargo during navigation, loading or discharge is simplified and safer due to large contact surfaces with water.

Boat builder is interested in transferring partial or complete solution which comprises moulds in four dimensions (3, 4, 6.5, 9.5 meters), methods of manufacturing, equipment, drawings, registered design and know-how.

Considering its unsinkability and stability this boat is perfectly suited for use in tourism and recreation, as a working boat for divers and fishermen, patrol boat, tender to larger ship, and for various other purposes.

Innovative Aspects:
Compared to similar products this boat is:
- Unsinkable due to large volume and design of multiple buoyancy chambers
- Super stable as a result of hull and buoyancy chambers configuration
- Easier to operate and therefore safer to use for inexperienced sailors
- Faster even with low power propulsion and therefore economical
- More ecological because of greater fuel efficiency
- Providing passenger soft and dry ride
- With high loading capacity
- With high osmosis and temperature resistance   Patents/Rights: Others Type of Organisation: Get in contact with this organisation

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