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Polymer Solar Cells: Bithiophene Imide and Benzodithiophene Copolymers for Efficient Inverted Polymer Solar Cells (Adv. Mater. 17/2012) (page 2362)

R. P. H. Chang, A. Facchetti, T. J. Marks, and co‐workers synthesize bithiophene imide and benzodithiophene donor–acceptor polymer semiconductors for application in organic photovoltaic cells. Stable inverted solar cells are fabricated and achieve high power‐con‐version efficiencies of up to 5.5%, with open circuit voltages greater than 0.9 V, as a result of the low‐lying HOMO levels of the polymers. This work, presented on page 2242, demonstrates that bithiophene imide is a promising building block for high‐performance polymer donor materials for solar cell applications.

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Fuente: Advanced Materials

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Autor: Nanjia Zhou1, Xugang Guo2, Rocio Ponce Ortiz2, Shiqiang Li1, Shiming Zhang2, Robert P. H. Chang1,*, Antonio Facchetti2,*, Tobin J. Marks2,*

Referencia: Advanced MaterialsVolume 24, Issue 17, page 2362, May 2, 2012

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