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Fabrication of meta-aramid fibrid by precipitation

“Fibrid”, a type of fibrous particle used for binding, and the meta-aramid fibrids were successfully prepared by injecting the meta-aramid solution into the high shearing coagulation bath in this paper. The meta-aramid solution was prepared by dissolving the meta-aramid fibers in LiCl/DMAc solving system, and the mixture of water and DMAc was used as coagulation bath. The rotating speed, concentration of meta-aramid solution and the concentration of water in the coagulation bath were the main factors on effecting the formation and morphology of fibrids. The results showed that the length of meta-aramid fibrid decreased with the rotating speed and the content of water in coagulation bath increasing, and increased with the concentration of meta-aramid solution increasing. The morphology of meta-aramid fibrid were observed by optical microscope, a lower thermal property of meta-aramid firbid than meta-aramid fiber was observed in TGA which was mainly due to the breaking of hydrogen bonding and crystalline structure of meta-aramid fiber during the dissolving process, the results in TGA were consistent with the XRD, and the XRD curves showed that the non-crystalline structure were observed in meta-aramid fibrid.

Keywords  Meta-aramid – Fibrid – Precipitation – Shearing flow

Fuente: Fibers and Polymers

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Autor: Lirong Yao, Kitai Kim and Jooyong Kim

Referencia: Fibers and Polymers Volume 13, Number 3, 277-281, DOI: 10.1007/s12221-012-0277-7

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