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Artículos Técnicos

03/04/2014 - Natural and synthetic polymers for water treatment against dissolved pharmaceuticals

01/04/2014 - Peptide microarrays enable rapid mimotope optimization for pharmacokinetic analysis of the novel therapeutic antibody IMAB362 (pages 545–554)

17/03/2014 - Ruthenium‐Catalyzed C7 Amidation of Indoline CH Bonds with Sulfonyl Azides (pages 3606–3609)

05/03/2014 - Modeling a seeded continuous crystallizer for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (pages 92–108)

04/03/2014 - Scale‐down models to optimize a filter train for the downstream purification of recombinant pharmaceutical proteins produced in tobacco leaves (pages 415–425)

25/02/2014 - Biological Activity of Sporolides A and B from Salinispora tropica: in silico Target Prediction Using Ligand‐Based Pharmacophore Mapping and in vitro activity Validation on HIV‐1 Reverse Transcriptase (pages 350–361)

21/02/2014 - Clickable SBA‐15 to Screen Functional Groups for Adsorption of Antibiotics (pages 908–914)

13/02/2014 - Chemical Constituents of the Plants from the Genus Oplopanax (pages 181–196)

24/01/2014 - Monitoring of a Pharmaceuticals Freeze‐Drying Process by Model‐Based Process Analytical Technology Tools (pages 240–248)

23/01/2014 - Preparation, antitumor activity in mice, pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution in rats of di‐n‐butyl‐di‐(4‐chlorobenzohydroxamato)tin(IV) liposome

21/01/2014 - Introduction to the special issue on crystal engineering (pages 1–2)

21/01/2014 - Binary co‐crystals of the active pharmaceutical ingredient 1,4‐bis(4‐pyridyl)‐2,3‐diaza‐1,3‐butadiene and camphoric acid (pages 63–71)

20/01/2014 - Discovery of HIV‐1 Integrase Inhibitors: Pharmacophore Mapping, Virtual Screening, Molecular Docking, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation (pages 154–166)

16/01/2014 - A validated stability-indicating LC method for simultaneous determination of quinapril and hydrochlorothiazide in pharmaceutical samples

10/01/2014 - Molecular farming of human cytokines and blood products from plants: Challenges in biosynthesis and detection of plant‐produced recombinant proteins (pages 39–50)

10/01/2014 - Book review: Biochemical Pharmacology – chemistry as the language of pharmacology (pages 14–15)

07/01/2014 - Treatment of antibiotic fermentation‐based pharmaceutical wastewater using anaerobic and aerobic moving bed biofilm reactors combined with ozone/hydrogen peroxide process (pages 170–177)

24/12/2013 - Identification of Type II Inhibitors Targeting BRAF Using Privileged Pharmacophores (pages 27–36)

24/12/2013 - Potassium Channels: Structures, Diseases, and Modulators (pages 1–26)

20/12/2013 - Molecular farming in tobacco hairy roots by triggering the secretion of a pharmaceutical antibody (pages 336–346)

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