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Artículos Técnicos

02/09/2014 - A new efficient route to 7-aryl-6-fluoro-8-nitroquinolones as potent antibacterial agents

02/09/2014 - Dynamic Bonding: State‐of‐the‐Art Analytical Methods for Assessing Dynamic Bonding Soft Matter Materials (Adv. Mater. 33/2014) (page 5887)

02/09/2014 - Some molecular targets for antihyperlipidemic drug research

02/09/2014 - Base Motif Recognition and Design of DNA Templates for Fluorescent Silver Clusters by Machine Learning (pages 5839–5845)

02/09/2014 - Heating value of eucalypt wood grown on SRC for energy production

02/09/2014 - A New Benchmark Capacitance for Supercapacitor Anodes by Mixed‐Valence Sulfur‐Doped V6O13−x (pages 5869–5875)

02/09/2014 - Influence of pressure on the heat of biomass pyrolysis

02/09/2014 - All‐Organic Microelectromechanical Systems Integrating Specific Molecular Recognition – A New Generation of Chemical Sensors (pages 5876–5879)

02/09/2014 - Thiol-yne ?Click'/Coupling chemistry and recent applications in Polymer and materials synthesis and modification

02/09/2014 - Reconstruction of a high‐quality metabolic model enables the identification of gene overexpression targets for enhanced antibiotic production in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) (pages 1185–1194)

02/09/2014 - Enhanced transient recombinant protein production in CHO cells through the co‐transfection of the product gene with Bcl‐xL (pages 1164–1174)

02/09/2014 - Overexpression of microRNAs enhances recombinant protein production in Chinese hamster ovary cells (pages 1140–1151)

02/09/2014 - Book review: Bio‐Nanomaterials – Designing materials inspired by nature (page 1103)

02/09/2014 - D-Glucose Derived Novel Gemini Surfactants: Synthesis and Study of Their Surface Properties, Interaction with DNA, and Cytotoxicity

02/09/2014 - Selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3 for heavy-duty diesel vehicles

02/09/2014 - Stability of bonds made to superficial vs. deep dentin, before and after thermocycling

02/09/2014 - Modelling and forecasting the trends of life cycle curves in the production of non-renewable resources

02/09/2014 - Real-world based approach for optimal management of electric vehicles in an intelligent parking lot considering simultaneous satisfaction of vehicle owners and parking operator

02/09/2014 - Experimental investigation of the effect of using thermosyphon heat pipes and vacuum glass on the performance of solar still

02/09/2014 - Synthesis and preliminary biological evaluation of new antiproliferative aromatic analogues of 1?,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3

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