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Artículos Técnicos

31/10/2014 - Control de calidad en envases para comética

31/10/2014 - Major challenges for the polyurethane industry in the composite market

31/10/2014 - Environment-friendly materials for composite production

31/10/2014 - Marcado CE de productos plásticos para construcción: poderoso argumento de venta, imprescindible para la internacionalización

30/10/2014 - Modeling and simulation of offshore wind farm O&M processes

30/10/2014 - A review of uncertainty research in impact assessment

30/10/2014 - Life cycle impact assessment of ammonia production in Algeria: A comparison with previous studies

30/10/2014 - A review of EIAs on trade policy in China: Exploring the way for economic policy EIAs

30/10/2014 - A new attitude pointing design for Venus spacecraft

30/10/2014 - Exploring coffee farmers' awareness about climate change and water needs: Smallholders' perceptions of adaptive capacity

30/10/2014 - Thiophenes, polyacetylenes and terpenes from the aerial parts of Eclipata prostrata

30/10/2014 - Effect of company size on potential for REACH compliance and selection of safer chemicals

30/10/2014 - New antibacterial xanthone from the marine sponge-derived Micrococcus sp. EG45

30/10/2014 - Catalytic pyrolysis of Eremurus spectabilis for bio-oil production in a fixed-bed reactor: Effects of pyrolysis parameters on product yields and character

30/10/2014 - Bioactive compounds from the insect Aspongopus chinensis

30/10/2014 - A vital stage in the large-scale production of biofuels from spent coffee grounds: The drying kinetics

30/10/2014 - New silibinin glyco-conjugates: Synthesis and evaluation of antioxidant properties

30/10/2014 - Controllable assembly of two new Cd(II) coordination polymers based on designed pyridinecarboxylate ligand: From a 2D layer to a 3D pillar-layered framework

30/10/2014 - Supercritical water gasification of sewage sludge: Gas production and phosphorus recovery

30/10/2014 - Crystal transition behavior of odd–odd nylon 11,11 under annealing and stretching (pages 2785–2790)

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