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Artículos Técnicos

23/10/2014 - Studies on Mg-Zn Mixed Oxide Catalyst for Biodiesel Production

23/10/2014 - Functionalized Membranes for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production (pages 14570–14574)

23/10/2014 - Vanadium pyrophosphate oxides: The role of preparation chemistry in determining renewable acrolein production from glycerol dehydration

23/10/2014 - Frontispiece: Functionalized Membranes for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production

23/10/2014 - Production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from glucose using aluminium doped MCM-41 silica as acid catalyst

23/10/2014 - New evidence for TiO2 uniform surfaces leading to complete bacterial reduction in the dark: Critical issues

23/10/2014 - 2-Arylquinazolin-4(3H)-ones: A New Class of ?-Glucosidase Inhibitors

23/10/2014 - Nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from human waste in 1970?2050

23/10/2014 - Bioelectrochemical treatment of paper and pulp wastewater in comparison with anaerobic process: Integrating chemical coagulation with simultaneous power production

23/10/2014 - Nitrous oxide emissions from grazed grasslands: interactions between the N cycle and climate change ? a New Zealand case study

23/10/2014 - New molecular basket sorbents for CO2 capture based on mesoporous sponge-like TUD-1

23/10/2014 - Influence of composition on setting kinetics of new injectable and/or fast setting tricalcium silicate cements

23/10/2014 - Sustainability metrics of 1-butanol

23/10/2014 - Analyzing the effects of comfort relaxation on energy demand flexibility of buildings: A multiobjective optimization approach

23/10/2014 - Sustainability metrics for succinic acid production: A comparison between biomass-based and petrochemical routes

23/10/2014 - Probabilistic electricity price forecasting with variational heteroscedastic Gaussian process and active learning

23/10/2014 - New Organic Semiconductors with Imide/Amide‐Containing Molecular Systems (pages 6965–6977)

23/10/2014 - Sustainability metrics for a fossil- and renewable-based route for 1,2-propanediol production: A comparison

23/10/2014 - Synthesis and Structure of [Et3NH][Fe(HL)2] [H3L = L‐2‐(3,5‐Di‐tert‐butyl‐2‐hydroxybenzylamino)succinic Acid] and Its Catalytic Activity towards Efficient Photodegradation of Dyes in the Presence of H2O2 (pages 5125–5134)

23/10/2014 - Supramolecular Chirality in Self‐Assembled Soft Materials: Regulation of Chiral Nanostructures and Chiral Functions (pages 6959–6964)

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